Robert Faturechi from  Los Angeles Times: For all the pride the Iranian film “A Separation” has conjured among Los Angeles Persians, not every aspect of the emotionally gripping Oscar hopeful has gone over so smoothly with the city’s expats. In fact, it takes just moments for the filmmaker to alienate some of his most ardent fans here.

Bita Milanian writes: The history of Iranian cinema and Oscar hasn’t started just in past few years:

Habib Zargarpour – Best Visual Effects - TWISTER – 1996


Darius Khondji - Best Cinematography – EVITA – 1996


Hossien Amini – Best Adapted Screenplay – THE WINGS OF THE DOVE - 1997


Majid Majidi -  Best Foreign Language Film – CHILDERN OF HEAVEN – 1998


Habib Zargarpour - Best Visual Effects - THE PERFECT STORM – 2000


Shohreh Aghdashloo – Best Supporting Actress – THE HOUSE OF SAND & FOG – 2003


Kami Asgar – Best Sound Editing - APOCALYPTO – 2007


Marjane Satrapi - Best Animated Feature – PERSEPOLIS – 2008


Emud Mokhbari – Best Animated Short Film – OKTAPODI - 2009


Asghar Farhadi – Best Foreign Language Film – A SEPARATION - 2012


Asghar Farhadi – Best Original Screenplay - A SEPARATION - 2012

Saeed Kamli Dehghan writes:  “It has picked up award after award, including a Golden Globe last month for the best foreign language film and the Golden Bear at last year’s Berlin film festival. And it has delighted ordinary Iranians grateful for some glory at a time when international tensions are rising and the country’s regime is ever more isolated.

But not everyone in Tehran is happy that Asghar Farhadi’s hugely successful work, “A Separation” is now a racing certainty to win an Oscar for the best foreign film at this month’s Academy Awards.”

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In a country where lawyers are jailed for defending their clients (such as Nasrin Sotoudeh, who has got 11 years), photographers are arrested for taking photographs (such as Maryam Majd, still missing) and film-makers are sentenced to lengthy terms for making films (such as Jafar Panahi), Asghar Farhadi has proved able to make good films – and even obtain the government approval as well as international admiration after winning the Golden Bear at this year’s Berlin film festival for “A Separation”.

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Antony Lane writes: “The writer and director, Asghar Farhadi, has thus created the perfect antithesis of a crunching disaster flick, such as “2012,” which was all boom and no ripple.

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Esmael  Bararis’ latest film ‘DEAD HEAT UNDER THE SHRUBS’ will be shown at the 12th Raindance Film Festival in UK.
“This is a film with the simplest of plots, but the magic is not  to be found in the story, but in the rhythms  of the sheer butt-clenching tension, as well  as the stark vistas of the serene and silent  sands…”

Lawrence of Arabia meets North By Northwest !!!

Turtles can Fly
Iranian Nominee For Oscar
Payvand News
The Iranian movie ‘Turtles can Fly’ which was admired recently in a film festival in Madrid is to represent Iranian cinema in the Oscar Academy Award competition.

The good technical quality, the global theme of the movie, a sympathetic conception to peoples’ sufferings especially Iraqi’s children and the genuine victims of the Saddam regime and the American aggressive war were among reasons to elect the movie.

Qobadi was already presented in the Oscar ceremony by the movie named ‘A time for drunken horses.

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